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Amrut Farm Entrance

Invest in Health,
Wealth & Happiness

Geodesic Club House

Unwind at Geodesic
Bamboo Club House

Mud House

Discover Eco
Luxury Adobe

Community Kitchen

Self-Sustainable Farm
Living Community

Self-Sustainable Farm Living Community

Escape the urban chaos and embrace the tranquil haven just 28 kms from SGPGI, Lucknow. Observe the magical transformation that your mind & body discovers at Amrut Farm.


Invest in developed & managed farm land for farm houses which will be a lasting legacy for you and your future generation.

Appreciating in value over time, it's not only a good monetary investment but also an investment in nature, health & serene lifestyle.

Amrut Farm

Developed & Managed Farm
Land for Farm Houses

& Peace

Clean Air

Long Term Appreciation

Community Kitchen

CCTV Surveillance



Recreational Activities




Edible Landscaping

Cafe under Jamun Tree

Size: 7,500 SqFt

Size: 10,000 SqFt

Farm Plots of Amrut Farm

Size: 20,000 SqFt

Luxury Cottages on Farm Land

Exquisite Cottages and Edible Landscape

Mud House at Amrut Farm, Lucknow

Eco-Smart & Nestled Under Nature's Canopy

Community Kitchen, Amrut Farm, Lucknow

Practice Community Living with Symphony of Nature

Luxury Cottage on Farm Land, Amrut Farm, Lucknow

Exclusive Green Escape

Family Enjoying Weekends in Lucknow
Recreational Area at Amrut Farm, Lucknow

Kids’ Adventures

Sports, Fun, and Recreational Bliss in Nature’s Playground

Splashing Fun

Enjoy the Pool and Make a Splash with Family and Friends

Bonfire Nights

Experience the Magic of Evening Gatherings and Festive Celebrations

Family Fun

Create Unforgettable Memories with Loved Ones in Nature’s Embrace

Bonfire Nights at Amrut Farm

Your Weekend Needs a Getaway

Lush Greenery, Amrut Farm, Lucknow

Where Nature, Luxury & Sustainability Meet

Escape from City 🍀

Escape city stress with peaceful retreat at our farmhouse. Enjoy rural luxury living with wide open spaces & natural greenery for quieter, composed life

Clean Environment 🍀

Treat your lungs with better Air quality, gift yourself the prize to Great Health

Privacy 🍀

Farmhouses typically have more land and spaces between neighbors, providing greater privacy and tranquility

Recreation 🍀

A Farmhouse can be an ideal place for various outdoor activities like gardening, playing games, partying and spending quality time with family and friends

Customization 🍀

Have the freedom to design & customize your own farmhouse as per your creativity and preference. Create your dream living space

Investment 🍀

High Appreciation. tax benefit through agricultural income and income through plantation of timber trees

  • It is located within 30-minute drive from SGPGI, Lucknow

    Farm address : Dudhwa Khera,Samesi, Nigoha - Nagram Road, Dist. Lucknow , Uttar- Pradesh 227308

    Location: Click Here

  • Amrut Farm offers 7,500/10,000 Sq.Ft. and multiples. Size of the farm land can be customized as per the buyers need.

  • 24x7 CCTV surveillance, Metal Fencing, Fruit Orchard, Organic Farming, Mud Pool, Solar Power. Cycling Track, Jogging Track, Mud Building Classes, Landscaping, Drip Irrigation, Water Supply, Off Grid Living, Outdoor/Indoor Recreation, Mud House Cottages, Sustainable Living etc.

  • No, the properties are only for sale.

  • We provide developed farm land, we are no concrete zone. Mud or Modular cottages can be added as per the need.

  • Agriculture

Blooming Flowers

Frequently Asked Questions

 Find Your Home Amidst Peace & Tranquility!

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