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Cultivating Farm House & Country Homes in
Lucknow | Amrut Farm

We practice new-age farming with love, honesty and kindness

We blend the age-old wisdom of our forefathers with the novel ways of contemporary farm technologies to practice, what we call, new-age farming.

Sowing Love & Care

Our farming methods are geared towards not only enhancing the yield of our crops but also treating Mother Earth with love and care. We use 70% to 90% less water as compared to conventional farming by employing sophisticated farming practices like Hydroponic Farming or Soil-less Farming and micro-irrigation techniques like Drip Irrigation Systems.

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Reducing Carbon Footprint

We are thoughtful and sensitive – we always look at the bigger picture and do every little thing with care. Like minimising the environmental impact of our actions by reducing carbon footprint. To achieve this, we embody a mix of cultural and scientific methods – we use traditional earthen cookware and bio-fuel to cook our food and have a ‘no vehicle’ and ‘no concrete’ policy in our farm.

Fostering the Principal of Care

Our values, NATURAL, NURTURING and NOVEL are more than just three words for us – they are our sources of constant inspiration. Driven by these values and in our bid to conserve nature in its native form, we practice the Principle of Care. Under it, we uphold the qualities of responsibility and sustainability in agricultural practices and encourage our farmers to cultivate healthy, safe and ecologically sound produce for the community.

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