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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I Pay With Cash?

YES! You absolutely can! EFTPOS and CASH payment options available at all physical classes.

Can I Bring A Friend?

YES! YES! YES! Infact, you can bring one for FREE! Everyone's first class is absolutely FREE!

What's Involved?

Mood elevating, endorphin pumping fusion of high intensity Dance, Boxing, Cardio & full body scuplting set to the hottest beats around.

Are Classes Indoor Or Outdoor?

Classes are INDOOR! So they will run rain, hail or SHINE! Classesare set in the dark with disvco lights & a neon light

Do I Have To Book?

The only class that bookings are essential is Caroline Springs but all other locations bookings are not required. Just rock up!

Where Are Your Classes Based?

Point Cook, Alona Meadows, South Kingsville, Caroline Springs & soon St Kilda. Eventually classes will expand further

How Long Does Each Class Go For?

Approx 50 minutes of mood elevating, endorphin pumping goodness set in the dark with disco lights & amazing tunes pumping.

Are classes for beginners?

YES - Classes are for all fitness levels from beginners through to advanced. Low & high options are shown

What do I need to bring to class?

Sweat towel, mat or towel, water bottle & a set of 1-2kg dumbbells however if you dont have dumbbells I have spares at classes

How much do classes cost? And can I come casually?

Its $14 to attend a casual session or you can sign up to membership for $10.90 a week which automatically comes out & can be cancelled anytime, attend as many classes as you want for $10.90! * Please note Caroline Springs costs are different