Planting Trees at Amrut Farm


Nurturing Sustainability Farm House & Country Homes in Lucknow

We pursue and promote ecological sustainability with constant innovation.

Lucknow has been accorded the 2nd happiest city after Chandigarh as per a survey conducted by IMRB International. Ironically, with the Air Quality Index of 484, it has also earned the dubious distinction of being the most polluted city in India.  By planting thousands and lacs of trees and going 100% chemical free, we are taking a step towards improving the health of the city and in turn, the planet in a way that will inspire our children as well.

Building our legacy

What we leave behind is much more important than what we inherit. At AmrutFarm, we consider it our primary responsibility to manage agriculture in a responsible manner. We cherish our planet and respect it with all our heart. By going 100% natural and chemical free, we are constantly trying to improve the quality of life today so that our children can remember us fondly and practice living in harmony with nature themselves.

Image by David Monje

Doing everything organically

For the past 50 years or so, we humans are mindlessly conducting our businesses, polluting the environment and running after riches. We at AmrutFarm, as a counter-intuitive step towards this insensitive behaviour, take the 100% organic route. We are natural, not only in the way we talk but also in the way we take care of things. We nurture our crops in a completely pure and chemical-free manner with farm-based fertilisers.

Taking care of the basics

We understand that the needs of a plant cell are similar to that of a human cell – its health and growth depends on what it is fed and how frequently it is fed. In order to reap healthy food, it is vital that we start with healthy nutrients. We encourage and practice green farming techniques that create a nourishing environment for crops and help them grow in a healthy manner.

Solar Panel

Conserving is the new thing

We are novel in the way we think about things and do them. With our insatiable thirst for innovation, we have built a 100% self-sustained farming model that minimises water consumption, harvests rainwater and generates electricity with the help of solar power panels. Here, we are careful about not causing any irreversible changes – whatever we take, we give back to nature.