About Amrut Farm

Once you rise above materialistic needs, you start seeking peace and serenity in life.

Once upon a time!

There was a time when human beings lived in perfect harmony with nature. Every morning, we woke up with the sun, greeting it with a cheerful ‘namaskar’. We worked hard to grow our own food, with the help of natural manure and fresh water, and did not use poisonous chemicals. We lived a healthy life, loved nature unconditionally and it loved us more.

Our efforts are purely directed towards conserving nature and promoting sustainability by blending the wisdom of our ancestors with innovation. We grow our produce organically with the help of natural manure, use vernacular architecture for ecological sustainable living, harvest rainwater to minimise our water consumption and generate electricity by harnessing solar energy.


Soon, things began to change for the worse. To be happy and content with the small gifts of life, became a thing of the past. As industrialization and urbanisation skyrocketed, so did our hunger and greed. We began subjecting Mother Earth to extreme agony – exploiting natural resources, cutting down acres of forests, destroying natural habitats, polluting the soil, air and water and what not!


Today, man is not only ill-treating Mother Earth and disrespecting the free gifts of nature, but also causing harm to his own self and to those around him. The food he’s consuming is laden with poisonous chemicals, he is breathing polluted air and stress is badly affecting the mind, health, and longevity. 

Vinit Goyal, Pavas Chawdhry & Abhishek Rastogi, founders and principal farmers of Amrut Farm, were saddened beyond words at this grim state of affairs. They realized that it was time to take matters into their own hands.

Birth of Amrut Farm

Amrut Farm was thus born out of hope to undo all the bad that has been done to Mother Earth and make it a better world to live... One kind step at a time. It takes the organic route to farming – growing fruits, veggies, herbs etc without using chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Our story originates from the courage and inspiration of three individuals who aspire to make the world a greener, cleaner and happier place.